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Frame Wood Frame Wood
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Laser Film (A3 Size/10 Sheets) Laser Film (A3 Size/10 Sheets)
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Mesh (T-1200) Mesh (T-1200)
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Waterproof Inkjet Film (A3 Size/10 Sheets) Waterproof Inkjet Film (A3 Size/10 Sheets)
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Rubber Dye (White) Rubber Dye (White)
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About Us (by IMI Silk Screen) is one stop store of silk screen printing (screen printing) supplies & equipment. We are based in Batu Pahat, Malaysia. And, we have over 35 years of experience in the silk screen printing industry. We provide well known and quality brands sourced from both overseas and local manufacturers.

We offer total service which is wholly dedicated to the silk screen printers, providing over the counter sales, delivery and valuable advice to customers on the products that are best suited to their requirements.

We provide silk screen printing (water-based and solvent-based) supplies & equipment, epoxy resin, solvents, and chemicals.